Johnnie Ingram

Hello . My name is Johnnie . I exist in a whole bunch of different places on the Internet. This page is intended to list them all.


The Wee Review

I sometimes review comedy for this Scottish culture magazine.

Strange Company

I was one of the longest-serving members of these pioneering guerilla storytellers.

Machinima For Dummies

A long time ago, I wrote a book.

Other things

I've done a few film- and movie-type things, which hilariously makes me eligible for an IMDb  entry.

I helped found the   Open Rights Group and the  Women's Equality Party .

Contact me

Want to talk to me? The best way is through encrypted chat:
Start an encrypted chat with @johnnieingram
Alternatively, you can  email me if you want to. My PGP key is  here .

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